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One pill at a time. Every time.

Now Available!

As a thank you for all your support through the development of this project, we are giving away the first 1000 pill dispensers for free + shipping!

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An easier way to take your medication.

The TremorSafe™ Pill Bottle allows you to take your medication without the need to handle individual pills.  No more drops and spills.  Just twist the rotating base until it clicks in place, and tilt the whole bottle back like a glass of water.  It's that easy.

A Commitment to Accessibility

We designed this product to help as many people as possible.  Here's some of the ways we're working to accomplish that goal:

Affordable Options

We are working to ensure that the bottle can be produced and sold at a price that everyone can afford with or without insurance.


We are working to maximize the amount of bottles we will donate to qualified non-profit organizations for those that cannot afford them.


As everyone's needs are different, we  encourage users to freely 3D print and share their own versions of the design as needed.

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